Friday, November 12, 2010

You'll fall in love.....

I can't go on much further about how to fancy up my balcony without creating a post about the wonderful creations by my bff, miss b. Check out her work over at terri planty. The clean glass vessels and quirky figurines are a feast for the eyes. These terrariums would be a wonderful addition to anyone's balcony, office, coffee table, picnic table, any table! I strongly suggest checking out the site and keeping these pretties in mind for holiday gifts, seeing as how she welcomes custom orders!! ;) I have to promote, she's my best lady. The first image is my terrarium! It was my bday gift in September. There's a redhead gal with her cat. Perfect. Speaking of cats, I have to whisk mine away from the cheese and apple I have waiting for me on my coffee table. Happy Friday!!

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