Wednesday, November 10, 2010

there's something in-the-works....

My blog is receiving a much-needed revamp, courtesy of Miss Bee-and a project is also in the works.
A focus with all of this is needed, and it's going to involve 'le balcony.' I do realize that Fall is here, and Winter is upon us, yet I'm tired of not taking advantage of our balcony. Considering how small our apt is, I believe that our balcony is a treasure. A treasure which is completely shaded in by trees, and those views which you can obtain through the leaves are that of the local library and nothing more. How pleasant is that?? This balcony is a place where we've enjoyed a summer afternoon glass of wine, and also a midnight lock-out which involved a tree-shimmy and a locksmith. Going forth, this balcony will be a mission of mine, among all other viewing pleasures presented on this blog space. Thank you for enjoying it with me.

1 comment:

  1. yeah patio diy / reno / fix up / outdoor office!!
    you look cute in the photos.
    and please don't ever lock us out there again! i really was freaked out!!!!