Monday, November 29, 2010

why, hello there December

It does seem that every year we all say the same thing-something along the lines of 'What! It's Halloween time? Oh man here comes Christmas.' Then 'What! Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I'm going to blink my eyes and it'll be Christmas'....Skip to 'Man, December is going by so fast....' etc etc.
I'm determined to not let Xmas hit me on the back of the head this year-in other words, I am on a mission to savor every moment of December that I can. I have quite a few holiday get-togethers planned, my fave. My hubby found a playlist online of xmas music that gasp, is actually very pleasant and cool (I'm serious, and please don't make fun of me). I decorated a tad bit here at home. We're going to hang lights. I'm going to learn how to make mulled wine and a new pastry. And so on and so forth. For now I leave you with this cutesy-pie idea, felt ball garland, as seen on the ever-clever Oh Happy Day! Seasons Greetings! (Miss you, sis-can't wait to see you in January)

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