Sunday, February 19, 2012

A few shots from the hospital
(Greg and I are not so great about simply thinking to take photos. That's going to change, obviously; it already has!) So here's a select few from Saturday, starting from when I really started to feel the contractions and couldn't find a comfortable position to be in (I'll post the labor & delivery story soon) Then one of the first photos that Greg took of her little face after they bathed her and handed her to me. Then, Mila & I cuddling on Sunday morning from our room on the maternity floor (she was born Saturday evening). Then, a truly hilarious photo of her in her carseat; Greg brought it up to the room before we were discharged to make sure we fit the straps to her so we wouldn't have to do it in the car (it was raining and freezing outside when we were discharged on Monday at 4pm). And lastly, the classic shot of me carrying her in the wheelchair prior to getting in the car and bringing her home!


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  1. I am so happy to see you posting some pictures! and girl you looked beautiful the entire time, lucky ducky! ;) She is so precious and adorable, I hope to meet her soon- maybe I can visit next time ericka does :) xoxox