Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So, Mother's Day happened. And it was awesome. Greg works at 6am on Sundays, so he's gone by the time we get out of bed. I woke around 8 and gazed at my iphone until M woke around 9. (Yes, she thinks she's a teenager). Once we stumbled into the living room, I found that Greg had left me a really sweet card, and two new pairs of shoes! Nice surprise. I treated M & I to waffles for breakfast (meaning I toasted some frozen waffles...we didn't go out), and we got ready to go run errands. Target, TJ's, and Sprouts, all with a bit of a time crunch, a baby ready for a nap, and really pretty horrible heat. 

She didn't do so well-at 15 months, she's definitely not loving confinement, be it the carseat, stroller, highchair, shopping cart-you get the picture.  Of course this would affect anyone's ability to shop Target at their leisure (gasp!) (when really, my wallet should thank her). 
Anyway, a bath, shower, and 2.5 hour nap later, we were ready for Greg to come home from work at 2pm so that we could go to my parent's house. 
The party there was a lot of fun. There were quite a few of us (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma) and enough enchiladas/chile rellenos/beans/rice/etc to go around-and around). Yummy. 

It was a festive day that felt special but not forced. It was time spent with family, both immediate and expanded. It was kitchen prep and cooking, opening gifts, mixing drinks, and playing in the grass once it (kinda) started to cool off.   

I felt content, relaxed, and grateful.

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