Friday, May 3, 2013

Mila updates

Miss M will turn 15 months on 5/11. She only has 4 teeth (two on top, two on bottom). She walks 100% of the time. She drinks whole milk, 15-20 oz. a day (recommended amount is 16-24). She also drinks water out of a sippy cup. (The milk is still in a bottle, something we've been lazy about weaning). She absolutely loves dogs & cats, putting on her shoes and going outdoors, emptying the laundry hamper, carrying towels and blankets around the house, trying to touch the stovetop settings or cat litter box just because she knows she shouldn't, saying hi to everyone she makes eye contact with, taking baths, and checking out the neighborhood peacocks. 

She does not like unexpectedly loud noises (understandable), vegetables (sometimes. unfortunately.) being confined to her stroller, highchair, pack & play, shopping cart, car seat (sometimes. unfortunately). 

She takes 1-2 naps a day. She does not easily go down for said nap(s). Her bedtime routine starts at 7:30pm. Lately, she's been waking up at 7:30am (which is early for her. Sorry, Greg!)
She can say 'HI!' and does so with that exact enthusiasm. She says 'woof woof' every time she sees a dog. She says 'ma!' for milk. Starting to say 'dada.' Sighs in a cute way when she's hugging someone or something. No other words, but she understands a whole lot. I say 'Mila, it's bathtime' and she waddles over to the cupboard where we keep her bathtub. That kind of thing. 

My mom watches her twice a week, Greg watches her on his two days off, and I watch her on my three days off. My parent's house in Burbank is most definitely her second home. The routine we have going on is perfect. She's one lucky kid and she's very loved. 

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