Wednesday, May 15, 2013

portrait of a sicky

Life threw us a few curve balls a week & a half ago when baby girl developed a high fever for 3 days, was diagnosed with an ear infection, prescribed antibiotics, and then....developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. 
So, turns out our little lady is allergic to amoxicillin/penicilin. No fun! Now for the rest of her life we'll/she'll have to let it be known that she has an allergy. This is something that I've been fortunate enough to never need to worry about. I realize that there are worst things to complain about, yet it's still strange understanding that she has an allergy. The sign was a rash on her forehead in the morning, that had crept across her face, chest, and back by mid-afternoon. It was itchy enough that we had to give her Benadryl. Oh, and her 5th tooth finally showed itself. Great timing, right?? By day 5 of all of this nonsense, I was crying myself to sleep along with her. 
But we're all better now-3 doctor's visits later.  

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