Friday, May 3, 2013

This is the kind of day that I love..

This morning, as coffee was brewing, I realized we didn't have much in the house for breakfast besides oatmeal. One slice of frozen waffle...etc. Not feeling excited about oatmeal, and after letting Greg sleep in a bit (oh, I was off today b/c I have to work tomorrow; Saturday) I asked Greg if putting our coffee in a thermos and going for a walk around Sierra Madre with muffins in hand sounded nice. Luckily, he said yes. By 9am we were sitting outside staring at the foothills, sharing a breakfast burrito and a muffin, while Mila 'woofed' at all the passing dogs and pointed out all the passing busses. Have I mentioned before that I love Sierra Madre?? You would swear you're in Cambria...or Big Bear...or on the set of Gilmore Girls...
We went to the park so that Greg could shoot hoops and we could swing and walk and play. 
Afterward, I watered my garden while Mila played in the mud, we all got cleaned up, picked up sandwiches, napped at home (Mila) went to work (Greg) and then I prepped us girls to go over to Cassandra & Lucian's house for a visit in their beautiful South Pasadena home. 
Greg's still at work (he works 2pm-10pm in case you were wondering) and I just finished a lime popsicle and have the a/c going and just might get into bed soon. Big day at work tomorrow with a Rose Garden wedding, and our first-ever prom. Eek  

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