Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a baby, and a belly

our dear friends had a sweet, sweet baby three weeks ago. i love to hold him. we're so happy for them, they're such naturals, you wouldn't think this was their first baby.
and i'm learning a lot, through them ;) It's fun to witness it all. our boy or girl will have a built in best friend with this little guy.
then, there's my 'myspace' belly shot ;) I took this before meeting friends for sunday brunch, preceding my shift @ trader joe's. those pants are hand-me-downs and they're maternity but the size is too small, that's probably the one and only time i'll wear them. it may exaggerate the baby belly a bit since it's cutting into me, but i wanted to post something, anything, that showed how i'm progressing.
i'll get better, i will. i'll post belly shots more often.
p.s. that's the nursery that i'm in :) it's just a 'catch-all' for now, and i can't wait to have it set-up and show it off then. there's my glider in the background w/ottoman, from my mom!

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