Saturday, September 24, 2011

frequently asked question

"Are you going to find out the gender?"

Why yes, in fact we are. In truth I never even considered waiting, and letting it be a surprise. I've always wanted to know, as soon as possible. Though I have been enjoying the mystery up until now, I feel quite ready to find out. There are a few reasons~I'm a Virgo and want things planned, so I'll feel much more secure if I can know the gender and prepare in terms of name selections, clothing, decor, etc. But also, I feel that it will help me bond more with the baby in my belly, from now until February. After awhile, saying 'he/she' gets a big old, and to me feels too vague. That said, I think it's sweet when parents do wait to find out, which is what my parents and their parents had no choice but to do. What an overwhelming feeling in the delivery room! But for me, I'm ready for that overwhelming feeling to occur during an ultrasound, asap.
So, our next doctor's appointment is in a few days! Let's keep our fingers crossed that our baby is in the right position, because I am very ready to find out!!
photos of dwell studio attire, via A Cup of Jo

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