Saturday, September 10, 2011


the second trimester isn't much easier. perhaps because the 1st trimester wasn't that hard-so not much transition need be felt. however, i don't have endless energy like you read about. i can wait longer to eat dinner, and i can run errands after work instead of heading home immediately to nap, but when i crash i crash hard. i hate that feeling of being so physically and mentally tired that all i can do is crawl into bed and hope i fall asleep fast (which, usually i do, even though i'm missing my stomach and back sleep).
the fun part of the second trimester is having an official belly bump that few people question. today an old coworker of mine very politely asked me if i'd swallowed an olive ;) i'm enjoying when people notice and point it out. i know i need to get used to it because it's only the beginning!

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