Monday, September 19, 2011


On my nightstand, I have four pregnancy related books stacked up, and I alternate between them every night with whatever energy I have to stay up long enough to read. The 4 are 'What to Expect When You're Expecting,' 'What To Expect the First Year,' 'The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy,' and 'Full of Life.' (too lazy to turn those into links). Those last two are written by women, and are a funny, easy read with the theme 'things i wish others had told me when I was pregnant.' Full of Life is written by Nancy O'Dell, that blonde host from one of those celeb shows, Entertainment Weekly or something trashy like that. Anyway, she wrote about leg cramps, in quite a dramatic way. I skimmed through as she talked about all the women in her family getting painful leg cramps during the night that caused screaming and massages from husbands. 'How dramatic,' I thought, and didn't think twice. Well, three nights ago, I experienced my first pregnancy leg cramp and man, it was no joke. The worst 'charlie horse' ever, which woke me from a deep sleep and sent me walking and stretching through the dark house, moaning all the way. You know they only last a few minutes, but it remained pretty tight and swollen and it still hurts. Why does it still hurt?? I want it to go away. Once i eat breakfast (potassium, please!) i'm going on an uphill walk to see if warming and loosening the muscle helps at all. because aside from that concentrated pain, both my legs ache every morning when I wake up, with that feeling of not moving in a long time. this stinks and sleep has hardly been enjoyable for about a week now.
(legs via i am a greedy girl.)

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