Friday, January 28, 2011

currently craving...

edamame spread, snagged from a merry mishap. no formal recipe, just notes: sautee olive oil, garlic, and the beans until toasted, then dump into a food processor and voila! i looove dips so i have to remember this idea. why, though, am i so turned off by recipes which require a food processor? it's the cleaning of the machine afterwards that just irritates me. i used to be all cool and make my own pesto, that's probably the first thing i taught myself to make as a teen, and it's fun because my (typically picky) dad likes it! but what did i find myself doing over the holidays, to add to shrimp + quinoa? i bought a fresh container of ready-to-go pesto. ugh, i shouldn't have admitted that. hopefully miss merry mishap's concoction will inspire me enough to actually make this dip instead of buy my pre-existing fave, edamame hummus
(though, there's always the great soy debate, and i do purposely try not to do soy overload...but that's a whole other story)

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  1. that looks so tasty right now. i love a merry mishap. probably one of my favorite blogs.

    how are you my lady friend?! xoxo