Thursday, January 20, 2011

currently thinking about....attire.

so, recently my gal bianca and i were talking about closets, and how if one is lucky enough to have the closet of their dreams, it can be exposed in your room, not hidden-standing alone, saying hi, making a statement, presenting a certain 'aesthetic' if you will. we then sighed and said that our own closets are nowhere near organized/refined/stylized/streamlined to present itself as that type of entity. not that we'd necessarily want that, as we're both pretty eclectic and she especially has the most fabulous unique style... Anyway! i do stand in front of my closet (which gets closed off to the public by apartment-typical, ugly sliding glass mirror doors) and think, 'what can people tell about me by my wardrobe? does anyone else ever wonder that? does anyone else ever feel pressure to develop a personal style that is expected, uniform, somewhat similar from day to day? or do you embrace looking different every day?
image via apartment 34

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