Monday, January 3, 2011

these are a few of my favorite (holiday) things

a shot of the gorgeous autumn tree outside our living room window, early december before the onslaught of the crazy LA rain season....(it's bare now, sadly)

such leaves, underfoot. (our front 'scape)

 once wrapped, i had to stash all holiday gifts up high in our closet so our cats wouldn't chew the ribbons or paper. boo. i love having gifts displayed, especially under a tree (nope, didn't get a tree this year, strangely enough. again, the cats)

christmas eve in sherman oaks, post-tamales, tequila, gifts, and fun family time

my aunt's cute kitchen windowsill

me & my snuggle-head

NYE walk in our neighborhood

a cupcake 1st bday party, on NYE, for the cutest munchkin around...

a terrible shot of the downtown LA buildings, all lit up upon our arrival for drinking & dancing on NYE

La Cita all dolled up, balloons packed the ceiling and everywhere else....i was obsessed

more balloons, and plenty of color

nearing midnight.....someone in our group stole a bunch of hats from the bar...

balloons, from the dance floor

our little corner of the bar

 the theme of the worked, believe me. 

balloon finale

oh, one more balloon shot....
Told ya i had plenty of photos. i have plenty more where these came from. sorry for the quality of some of the dark photos inside the bar. we had a lot of fun and luckily, we kept safe. I can't believe it's 2011 and the holidays are now behind us. i'm ready for the new year. cheers!

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