Saturday, January 29, 2011

currently obsessed with...gems & minerals

now, i know the photo quality is pretty crummy, but i don't care, i wanted to post these photos anyway because they were taken on a special night, with special people, and there was a special vibe, and what else do you need to know, when recognizing that gems are PHENOMENAL. i can't wait to go back to the natural history museum and spend hours staring at all these beauties. we were so taken-a-back upon stepping into the gallery (this was during first fridays, see a few posts down). we couldn't stop drooling, and shouting to each other 'hey! have you SEEN this one??' 'come here!!')
many pieces were donations from individuals whom i can imagine have the largest wallets in the world. i can't imagine owning such a piece, let alone being the person who discovered them.
i mean, really, how is it possible that such a thing exists naturally in our earth??

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