Saturday, January 29, 2011


husband & i just finished watching Cyrus. Well, i finished it and he was asleep 3/4 of the way through. he stopped by our video store on his way home from work, Videoteque, a spot in south pasadena with countless amazing films to choose from. i had requested Somewhere by ms. sofia but as i feared it hasn't been released on dvd yet (yes, i'm a bad fan who didn't see it in the theatre)
So husband brings home cyrus and i nod and smile and continue making caesar salad w/shrimp and parmesan crisps (ohhhhmygoodness) and then we sit down to the flick with a bottle of wine and before i know it i. am. in. love. i LOVED the film. i want to own it. it really impressed me and won my heart. i guess it's because i wasn't expecting much of anything (too much hype can lead to real disappointment-hi social network) other than an awkward mother-son relationship, but it's so much more. it's phenomenal acting, beginning with john c. hammering it out to the 80's while drunk at a party, singing & dancing in a way that i would with my girlfriends. it includes scenes from silverlake, beautiful homes, phenomenal acting, marisa tomei(!) (always been an idol of mine since my cousin vinny, gotta say) plus it deals very candidly with an issue that so many people face today in the event of divorce and new love. not to mention: scenes filmed at my work!!! the boddy house at descanso gardens! that was the location for catherine keener's wedding-i literally bolted from my seat when they panned to it. i wish i had worked there during the filming. i had no idea.
anyway, this film now holds a true place in my heart, i loved it and when my husband wakes up (he's snoring) i'll tell him so.

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