Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a girl named Michelle came to play

she's my younger sister. she lives in Houston, TX and I live in LA, CA. that's kind of a bummer. i miss her but i'm happy for her-she has good things going. and i suppose it makes her visits super special. we did many a fun thing while she was in town: dinner at El Portal in Pasadena, an adventure at the natural history museum in LA (a special post to follow about their gems & minerals-oh.my-gosh) family party at our parent's house, 2 slumber parties at my apt-complete with plenty of munchies from our favorite TJ's  of course (bruschetta, frozen pizza, and wine for dinner,  eggs and morning star sausage and veggies for breakfast-can you tell eating is what we do best??) a hike through the creeks of our nearby Bailey Canyon (my waterfall pics didn't leave me feeling very proud so i left them out) connect four and trivial pursuit with our parents at the new burbank fave Tony's Darts Away (vegan all the way!!!) and lastly, an evening at my fave restaurant followed by one last hoorah at Covell, a bar that's new to us and located just south of the cute los feliz neighborhood-i'd definitely recommend that spot.
we miss you already, sis! why haven't you called??! ;)

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