Saturday, January 15, 2011

moneymoneymoneymoneyyyy....MONEY! (sing it with me!)

yikes, money. how does one live life with you? how does one live life without you? i have 3 jobs (2 guaranteed, one on-call) and at time it leads to never having a day off, and i'm beginning to feel burnt out. i need a nap. don't get me wrong, i actually really love working, and i LOVE all 3 of my jobs-i can honestly say that, with caps. how cool is that? however, i do wish i had time during sunlit hours to do spring-cleaning of the apt (as opposed to vacuuming at 10:30pm-sorry neighbor below!) and i wish i had more ENERGY left in me when i do have an evening to be active/productive/ you can see by my lack of blogging, i've got little fire left in me. so i'll leave with that said, because i really do need a nap. (lack of posts also stems from my sister's recent visit from texas-it was SO much fun, and i can't wait to post pics) (images via google images, hehe)

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  1. that guy with the glasses kinda scares me. i miss you! lets do something that requires no money and say hello. :)