Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a corner of a living room

so, my current dilemma at home is this one corner of our living room. one wall of the corner is completely blank, and the other has a long, low shelf that's probably meant for behind a couch. it fits perfectly beneath our window and currently houses all of my bday cards lined up in a row even though my bday was 9/15 ;) Anyway, not sure that we need to keep that piece of furniture. have considered buying two comfy chairs. but those are not cheap, and in the back of my mind i know i should be patient and keep the space open so that in the near future, it can hold a pack n' play or some such thing, or hold baskets of toys, etc. 
But i still keep it on my mind when we're out looking at furniture, and the photo above, which i spotted on design*sponge is, in my opinion, a great balance of much furniture, many items, yet a clean, classy feel.

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  1. i love the corner you featured. perhaps you need some larger plants in the space? poison free of course!