Saturday, October 1, 2011

frequently asked question

Do you have any names picked out??

Man, when I say frequently asked, I mean frequently asked. It takes effort to be a good sport about this question. And I try not to mind, because I loooove asking moms-to-be the same thing. But I'm hearing it so often now that we have a gender, which of course is fine, but it's like, 'ok, the pressure is on. People want to hear your ideas, even if it's nothing solid yet.' So I tell them our #1 fave but explain that we're not certain yet. Nor do we have a committed middle name. But here & now I want to explain that it is possible that we'll have our top 3 choices, and not commit until we meet our little girl and see what she looks like. That's what my parents did with my sister and I. They saw my redhair and instantly knew, 'Megan.' I want to see my daughter's newborn personality and hold her, and then decide. So that's the plan as of now, but we also have 4 months to go, so that could change. (ohhhhhhhhhhmygosh, I just typed 4 months)

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