Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a proud new owner.....

Yes, indeed, I am a proud new owner of a brand new iphone 4s. It took some talking into (I was willing to accept hubby's hand-me-down) but I'm so glad I went big and treated myself to the new one. I mean, up until now I had a keyboard phone, with no internet. I've finally caught up with the times!!! And yes it feels over-the-top and indulgent but it also feels really great ;) My favorite part of my new phone is the camera. The quality is pretty stellar and I get to utilize my favorite app, Instagram. Here are some photos I took at my work, Descanso Gardens, of our pumpkin totem poles. The app allows one to adjust the lighting, etc of a photo, allowing it to look antiquated, or black and white, etc. I am so excited about how easy it will be to take photos of our little babe and email them to her grandparents asap, without even leaving my seat or turning on the laptop. Technology allows us to be so lazy! Hoorah!!

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  1. i hope her aunt will get those email pictures too ;) i'm so jealous you have an iphone, lol