Tuesday, October 18, 2011

wedding bells

This Saturday, 10/22, will be a special special day. My dearest friend is getting married to her beau of 10 years!! I've known the bride since we met in Technology class in the 6th grade...that was 17 years ago!!! I will be matron of honor in her wedding, and I am very honored and getting quite excited. It will be a very classy but fun wedding and I'll be sure to post photos though I'll leave much of the work up to her stellar photographer who is quite big in the blog world that I follow: Adrienne Gunde
as being photographed by her will be another honor in itself.
Us gals in the wedding party will wear navy blue floor-length chiffon gowns, carry beautiful bouquets, and stand near the chuppah as vows are exchanged.
The bride has granted us total creative run with our hair-dos, and i've been collecting images on Pinterest. These 3, although blurry, are perhaps my top 3, in descending order. The bride liked the subtle braid. We'll see.

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