Friday, October 28, 2011

sleep, or lack thereof

I know that I officially have nothing to complain about until I have a crying infant waking me up every two hours (and that's if I'm lucky) but man, I miss sleep.
Sleeping has not been fun for about a month now and it's only getting worse. I'm able to fall asleep quick & heavy for the first couple of hours, but then I feel like I'm mostly awake the rest of the night.
My awake time includes turning to my left side but not liking it, or turning to my right side with apprehension. (Frequently Asked Question: why is it so important to mostly sleep on your left side? Because your heart is on your left side, and when you lay on that side it allows for better circulation of both blood and oxygen to the baby). My awake time also includes about four trips to the bathroom. It includes dealing with my cats. And the worst of all (even worse than the cats which is bad) is dealing with leg cramps.
My legs just feel achey and heavy all night long. Even when I go for a 9pm walk. Even when I stretch. Even with a pillow between my legs. Even with flexing in bed, on my back, for a cherished two minutes. (If you spend too much time on your back, said circulation gets cut off)
Again, I know this is nothing compared to my near future. I know this is good preparation. But man, I'm tired of being tired. I think that what compounds it all is that my work load at my job has gotten 100% easier because wedding season has ended. I haven't even been here an hour and I'm already caught up on emails and voicemails. Sitting here trying to think of busy work does not motivate me or give me energy or make me very cheery.
Nevertheless, Everything else is good so I really shouldn't complain. The weather has been beautiful, there's a fun holiday weekend ahead complete with three different birthdays (Ericka, Julie, and my dad) and I had pumpkin cream cheese for breakfast.

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