Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hi. Gosh, it's been awhile. I don't know where I've been. My blogging motivation has been lacking, but I'll pick up the pace. There's too much going on in my life & in my belly to not better document it. If nothing else, I should at least use this space as a pregnancy journal since I'm not doing so elsewhere, and these details will be important & nostalgic to look back on one day.
I could stand to be more creative with my blog but I'm deeply obsessed with: Pinterest. B was right, I freaking love it. The perfect space for me to display images of all things I love, from baby stuff to home decor to just gorgeous photos of food.
Anyway, I promise I'll get belly photos up on here asap. Greg took one on Monday when we took the Gold Line downtown to have a random lunch @ Bottega Louie.....holy moly, so good.
As for pregnancy updates:

Belly button is on its way out, literally. I'll have an outtie soon enough. So strange!!
Sleep kinda sucks. I terribly miss sleeping on my back, and feel guilty if I rest on my right side but I prefer my right side.
My mom is spoiling her granddaughter like crazy, with fleece pjs w/footsies, a knit strawberry cap, and more. Perfect attire for a winter baby.
Plans for the baby shower are in the works.
Plans for registering are in the works.
Plans for setting up furniture are in the works. I want the above 3 mentions done before our Thanksgiving trip to Austin.
There's kicking as I type this. I'm hungry as I type this. I'm avoiding work as I type this. See, not much has changed!! ;)
Lamaze class is down 3, with 2 to go. I'm learning a ton, and laughing through all the breathing and birthing practices & positions. Our instructor kindly reminds us that we won't be laughing during the actual event!
The emotions are kicking in. The other day I cried during the opening credits of 'The Wonder Years' and I cry at the end of each gross, vivid birthing video that we watch during lamaze class.

Life is good, no complaints at all. Greg and I have so much support between all family & friends....this is definitely one of the best times of my life <3

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