Saturday, October 1, 2011


1. I am 21 weeks along. The baby is approximately the length of a banana. I know, going from cantaloupe to banana hardly makes any sense to me either.
2. My belly is big. I can still wear my regular pants but they can't zip up, not one centimeter. Thank goodness for a 'be-band' which looks like a tube top but you wrap it around your waist and ta-da, no one (hopefully) can tell that my pants are completely unzipped.
3. We started lamaze class. One class down, 4 to go. I enjoyed it; I learned a lot. Specifically about what to take to the hospital. #1 suggested item: chapstick. I believe this, and I already have an obsession with Burt's Bees, so Greg knows now to definitely bring a hefty supply.
There are 7 couples total in the class. 5 of us are giving birth to the same gender. I don't know that I see us being friends with any of the couples, unfortunately. (That's how I feel about the girls in my yoga maybe it's just me being the unfriendly one).
We watched an incredibly vivid birth video half-way through class. The instructor said 'let's just get this over with now.' I sat with my hand over my ajar mouth the entire time.
4. I'm starting to feel movement much more frequently. It's not necessarily a strong 'kick' but more like the baby is having a dance party (yeah!) The past two days it was pretty wild. It's so fun. The baby definitely responds to breakfast, which I eat in the car on the way to work. Once I sit down at work, it's dance party time.
5. Greg got to feel a nudge. I told him to keep his hand on my belly, below my belly button, while we were watching tv, and to press down. It took a few minutes but it was a pretty fun moment.

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