Thursday, January 12, 2012

baby is headed downtown!!

at our doctor's appointment on Monday 1/9, we finally got our ultrasound. we were so excited & had so much anticipation to make sure everything was ok, and to see what we could see. 
she was on her side so we got to see her little face. it looks like she has chubby cheeks!
her head measured a good size, yet her torso measured a bit slim. based on measurements, the doctor could calculate that she's roughly 5 lbs, 4 oz. That's the size of a 34 week old baby, yet she's 36 weeks, so she's a bit petite, but our doctor wasn't concern. hopefully i'll go full-term, and by then she could technically make it to 7 lbs, though our doctor estimated somewhere in the high-6 range. 
lastly, we were able to confirm that she is head-down! woohoo, no breech baby. that was my main concern, as i had heard that if she were breech at this point, the chances of her turning are not that great. so hopefully, no c-section will be needed.

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