Sunday, January 8, 2012

a baby shower

Yesterday, 1/7 (one month before my due date!!) my mom, sister, and dear friends threw me the sweetest baby shower. I literally walked in the door saying I didn't want the event to start, because I never wanted it to end. Everything was perfect. The venue, the decor, the food & beverage, the activities, allll the gifts, and certainly allll the love. There is NO better feeling than having a baby in your belly, and knowing that a room full of almost 40 ladies loves that baby as much as you do. Below are the photos that were taken before the event began. I'll post more of people as I get them. I did not take one photo the whole day, so my gratitude is to the gals who did. 
(I literally had a hard time sleeping last night because every time I woke up I kept recalling the shower and all our new gifts and I felt like a kid remembering Christmas. I'm like, giddy!)
Thanks, Anna, for the venue & these photos!


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