Thursday, January 12, 2012

manhattan beach, 36 weeks

on sunday my sister spent the night. she had flown into town to surprise me for my baby shower. it was amazing! sadly, she had to fly back to houston on monday. we had a yummy brunch at 'home' in silverlake with greg, and then he & i dropped her off at LAX around noon. it was such a gorgeous day, and our doctor's appointment wasn't until 4pm, so upon his suggestion, the two of us drove over to manhattan beach. we window shopped and then headed down to the sand, took our shoes off, and walked around and took a bunch of photos. it was the best! such a good feeling to run your toes through the sand. it's wild that we live 30(ish) minutes from the ocean and we hardly ever go. so long as we take some big ol' umbrellas, i definitely want to take our daughter to the beach often.

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  1. Did you take all these on your iphone?!?! If so I definitely need to get one!