Thursday, January 26, 2012

photos as of late

Here are some recent photos, some from tonight:
a. Belly, week 37 (I don't know what that curved line is on my belly; it was definitely a shadow)
b. Cousin, Aunt, Mom, Me, Sister at my shower. Love this photo. Loved that day. 
c. Cleo watching me saute zucchini (tonight)
d. The dresser, tonight. Folded clean clothes & blankets. Changing pad, will leave it wrapped until we need it. Washed the cover. Need to hang the clock, need to buy a dim bulb for the lamp. 
e. Her library shelves, tonight.
f. The ladder that was in our room when we were growing up, now the shelves for her stuff animals, tonight (*we-being my sis & I)
g. Tiny clothes, all in a row

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