Thursday, January 26, 2012

1 cm dilated!!

Woohoo! My body is prepping. As of Monday 1/23, I am 1 cm dilated. Now, I know this doesn't mean much; I (she) can still easily go to 40 weeks or even longer. Lots of people are dilated for weeks with no progress. Yet, it's still very fun to hear the doctor tell me that I'm dilated, and know that it's a tiny step ahead. 
-For a couple of weeks now, I've had faint menstrual cramps. They're not constant, but they're definitely daily, here and there. 
-She's still nice and active, moving around just about as much as usual. She always has her foot in this one spot below my left rib (further down, almost parallel to my belly button). That one foot is so active, I'm worried that leg of hers will be twice the size of the other!
-My energy is good, I'm still working and don't feel like I want/need to fall asleep at my desk! I come home from work and am able to do some cleaning and cooking. But when I crash, I crash hard. For example, I'm proud of myself tonight. After work, I got a pedicure (xmas gift from my boss) It felt amazing and now I at least know that I'll have pretty feet during labor & delivery, even if the rest of me looks crazy! ;) I was home by 6:30, and got started on laundry. I'm waiting for the second load to dry now; both loads were hers. I've been folding from tonight and last night's loads, and organizing all her stuff in her dresser (blankets, towels, clothes, socks, hats, etc). I made myself dinner & will hopefully get to the dishes. I'm blogging which is always a good sign. It's 9pm, though, and I feel like I could fall asleep as I'm typing. So I need to find a balance; tonight I may have gotten ahead of myself but I find that as long as I keep moving and don't sit down(!) I'm ok. But of course I can only move for so long
-The gal who did my pedi tonight couldn't believe I'm having a girl, based on how I'm carrying. Ugh. I hadn't heard that in awhile and I hate hearing that!!! People, stop guessing the gender because it freaks me out!
-We picked our pediatrician! I am excited and relieved. We went to 'interview' yesterday but luckily she just started talking, giving us the info she thought we should know. She's a fast-talker, but we learned a lot (how often we see her in the first year, what they check for in the first check-up, how to get ahold of her after-hours, etc) and the space was nice; the waiting room has three designated areas: one for 'well' babies, one for 'sick' babies, and one for newborns/nursing moms. Plus, it's right across the street from our hospital, so about five minutes from home. She (our pediatrician) is probably in her late 40's, has two daughters of her own, plays sports, and is the 'mother-figure' type, by which I mean it seems like she'll be honest and cut to the chase; supporting us while guiding us along in her own right. Which I feel we'll need. 
-We became Costco members. Diapers were the main incentive. 
-I think we're ready. We still need to install the carseat(!) And finish packing our hospital bag which will take five minutes. Lastly, I do still want to treat myself to hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and whip this place into shape. 
-My belly button never popped!
Ok, time to fluff that last load and go to bed. 

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