Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/11 appointment

Back to Dr. Chou's office this morning at 9:30am. It's nice having morning appointments with all this angst. 
This appointment completely mirrored the last one. She checked my cervix to find that I'm no further dilated. She did an ultrasound to check the fluid level which was still fine. I told her that, though I had only been awake since 8:30am, I hadn't felt a ton of movement. Only a couple little dances, and they were soft and slow. We then went to the other room for the fetal heart rate monitoring. This time, after the 20 minutes were up, the nurse came in and said that I needed to drink some cold water. She gave me a cup and I drank it. More time went by and she checked again and brought me more cold water. This time I asked why. She said the baby wasn't moving enough, so we needed to help wake her up. I started getting nervous. By this time, also, my lower back hurt sooo bad. I wondered if it were from the position I was in; this was the longest I had lay on my back for 9 months. 
Finally, after 50 minutes, the nurse confirmed that she was moving more-so and we didn't have to keep monitoring. I was incredibly relieved to be able to sit up; both she and Greg grabbed an arm and helped me up. During the 50 minutes I counted about 20 movements. 
We met Dr. Chou back in the original room. She said everything seemed good. The concern, and the reason for the cold water, was that if a full-term baby stops moving as much, you can assume that she's pooped inside the womb. This is very risky because she could then inhale it. They would only poop because they're stressed. Babies that have produced this poop (called meconium(sp?)) have a slower heart rate. Yet, since hers went up after cold water, my doctor wasn't concerned.
And so, after another almost two hour appointment, she turned to us and asked us what we wanted to do. Suddenly, despite all of our conversations, I went blank and couldn't answer. Did we want to induce? Or not? I asked her to confirm that everything was fine and there's no sense of urgency. She said yes, we were in good shape and technically have the option. She then gave us two ideas: we either induce over the weekend, or we come back for another appointment on Monday afternoon. 
We decided to make the Monday appt but call her by Friday if we decide we want to be induced over the weekend instead.
This left us with plenty to discuss. I said I didn't want a Valentine's Day baby. We casually said it'd be super cool to have her bday be 2/12/12. We then said we hated the idea of having to pick her bday. We kept going back and forth. How nice to have it planned! (me). Let's leave it up to her! (greg). We went out to lunch (this maternity/paternity leave sans child is costing us so much money) and made a pro/con list for inducing. 
Here it is: 
We get her in 3 days at most
Better prepared (force us to finish packing the bag!)
Dr. Chou on same page (she would agree to being available)
Prevents possible complications (of leaving her cooking for too long)
Peace of mind (know when it's coming)
Greg's mom can plan trip from AZ
Baby won't get too big
Forcing the issue (as opposed to letting her come when she's ready)
Picking her birthday
Losing the element of surprise
Choosing time of day to be admitted (day? night? maybe we won't have a choice)
Little knowledge of any physical, negative effects of petocin (the hormone that they give you to stimulate labor)

To be continued...

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