Wednesday, February 1, 2012

39 weeks

We had our usual Monday appointment, and it was an eventful one. We were treated to an ultrasound! I was so surprised. It's funny how excited I get. She also checked my cervix again. Yes, as much insight as possible, please!
She said that last month when she did the ultrasound and, based on measurements, figured that the baby was only 5lbs, she was concerned. So she wanted to measure again. This time, she was able to figure that the little lady has reached about 6lbs 13oz. She (doctor) was so pleased! The perfect size....not too much for me to deal with, yet healthier than being too petite. 
The cervix-check (which hurt) showed that I was still only 1 cm dilated, yet supposedly more effaced, though she didn't give us a percentage. She then said the magical words 'I doubt you'll go past your due date.' Ahhhhh! I think Greg went pale ;) That hit it home. I mean, who knows, she easily could. She could still be late! But still so fun to hear that from our doctor. 
Our next appt is on the due date, 2/7 (happy bday to my mom) at 8:30am. We'll see if that appt actually takes place!

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