Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Exploring foods

It's comforting to know that I'm not alone. Each time I get together with a fellow mommy friend, we mutually feel the need to discuss meal ideas with each other and see if we can bounce off any new ideas. It's easy to think, now that we pretty much have 'toddlers' (holy moly) that they can pretty much eat whatever we do. Which is true. But what about the nights when I want a spicy curry? Or when I want corn nachos? Those were two recent indulgences that I wasn't comfortable sharing with her. So I need to always have backup plans for her-stuff that's easy to choose (no molars yet-tortilla chips are not an option!) stuff that's healthy (even if I'm letting myself eat junk) stuff that's balanced (protein, carbs, veggies....already I'm struggling with making sure that my kid eats enough veggies). These are some recent findings (duh I'm pretty much strictly a TJ's shopper but sometimes wander around Sprouts or Whole Foods). 
-Slices of cheese are a great source of calcium & protein, plus more importantly (ha) she can feed this to herself while I'm getting something done such as washing the dishes or prepping dinner. Such a great distraction! er, appetizer ;)
-Year One, parents are strictly told to avoid nuts/nut butters since allergies are so common. Even now, her pediatrician pushed us away from serving her peanut butter since there's a high choking risk due to it's stickiness. We've found that these little sandwiches are perfect since, admittedly, the pb is practically a powder, so there's no concern for it getting stuck to the roof of her mouth. Perfect snack on-the-go, too
-TJ's has done it again-an amazing easy, already prepped, just needs sauteeing, mashed sweet potatoes. There is literally not one other ingredient in the bag. They look like hockey pucks as they melt down, but to me, they're genious. 
-Quinoa, sadly, is not a favorite of mine (the taste, look, and texture just kinda bug me) but it's a complete protein, and gluten free, so I love giving it to her with a puree, and knowing that it makes up for all the bagels and toast and crackers she eats.  (Mixing it with a puree, such as pear sauce or mashed zucchini, is necessary so that it doesn't crumble everywhere)

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