Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Well, I guess I'm in the blogging mood today! Wanted to get one last post in before finishing the work week. 
Mila woke up early this morning, and then we had the playdate, so by naptime she was wiped out. We both laid down for awhile. Afterward, I decided to take her outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and repair my damaged succulent (a peacock trampled it!) :( So I said, 'Mila, do you want to go outside?' and she pointed to the door and then went over and grabbed her shoes! It's just wild how much language she can understand
Once I replanted my cuttings, I dragged out the house to water all of my bedding plants & potted plants. Mila was so interested in all the fallen leaves and the grass blades. She began exploring, and walking toward the water puddles and mud that I was creating. Then she walked through the water. Then she bent down and started splashing it. And she was having such a great time that I couldn't imagine stopping her. Clothing is meant to be laundered. She had such a ball, it was too cute. 
Afterward, we washed up and I made myself some hearty curry. We went for a walk, and now she's asleep & I'm waiting for Greg to come home. Life is good.   

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