Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's been an active Saturday! Despite the overcast weather, I've enjoyed outside activity....starting with my 'mommy & me' exercise class (which I choose not to bring Mila to, that I can actually get some exercise done instead of trying to keep her entertained). The class is held at a park down in/near the Arroyo-essentially, tucked beneath the hills of South Pasadena. I love the morning drive there, past the old, brick Red Cross building, down winding streets filled with craftsman-style homes, and through the baseball fields filled with bouncing kids and sleepy parents. The class itself is so intimate-typically, just the instructor (who was a Descanso bride of mine last year! and is now pregnant!) and my friend Cassandra (Lucian's mom....we met in prenatal yoga...she also opts to leave Lucian at home) So it's usually just the three of us looking like weirdos doing squats and funky (read: bad) push-ups in the middle of a park. 
With no plans for this afternoon/evening, I texted Julie and we decided on walking the Silverlake Reservoir at 3pm. It turned out to be the perfect plan-she lives near Atwater Village so we just took Fletcher over & were there super quick, found great parking, the weather was perfect-it was a great (almost) 2 mile power walk around the body of water and through the hipsters and past the super-crowded, smelly, and cute dog park. 
After our walk, we decided that iced coffees were in order so we drove down to Lamill, a coffee shop I've always wanted to go to. Next door is the cutest shop called Yolk, so we browsed and wished that we had an expendable income that would allow for us to drop $49.00 on a dessert plate. The photo up top is from the baby section of that store, which was filled with felt mobiles and banners, handmade rompers, raccoon stuffed animals and a ton of cute books. I'll definitely want to return.  

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