Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sunday Funday with my 'Italy Girls' at Heather's new home in Monrovia. When I did my semester abroad with PCC, TEN YEARS AGO(!) I became, and still am, very close with Heather, Ileen, and Cindy (and Mary! Who was just absent that day). It's comically/awfully difficult for us to find the time to get together, but when we do it's as if no time has passed. Heather is pregnant with a girl, Hazel Juliana, who is due in July. She and her hubby just found the CUTEST little home that I'm quite envious of. Reminds me a lot of our place (multiple little homes on one lot, two bedroom one bath, no shared walls, parking spot, garage, washer dryer-yet they have grass in their backyard, the cutest pup Mr. Smee (he and Mila got along just fine...sharing crackers and string cheese) the cutest picnic table, market lights above, and then inside it's hardwood floors and and and.....Central A/C. What I wouldn't give to have central air. It's been warm lately, and I'm regretting Summer and longing for Fall...even though it's only April. I'm in trouble.
Anyway, Heather made turkey burger patties from scratch, we wolfed down bruschetta, drank down wine, and may or may not have watched the Justin Bieber movie....

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