Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So, it's gotten to the point where it's starting to look strange to see Mila crawling as opposed to walking. Just in this past week or two, she's really upped her walking game. It was fun to watch her go from taking a few sloppy steps here and there, to taking 5-10 in a row (with arms way up overhead for balance) to suddenly, this realization that she had-where it became obvious that she was aware of this new skill, and determined to do it. From that point on, it was full speed ahead, and I'd say she's walking at least 80% of the time. Her method of choice is to be barefoot, though we do have two pairs of shoes that she'll tolerate. Yet we knew early on that she has a constant urge to take her socks off, so she's arguably our hippie child. There have been a few spills here and there of course, yet nothing awful-and typically, she falls back on her bum and is back up in no time. Some people have asked if we've baby proofed. We have yet to go through the house room by room, on our knees, as all the books say to do. We're aware of her tendencies and just baby proof as we go. I think that the outlet covers have been the only thing we've installed so far, so otherwise it's been more about moving fragile items up onto shelves. She's discovered the toilet seat lid and the cupboard doors leading to all the cleaning supplies under the sink, so those will get locked up soon. She knows not to go in that cupboard anyway....She always looks at me slyly before opening the door. I sternly say 'no' and she closes it fast. So I guess you can say my method of baby proofing has been to always be in the same room with her which I can't imagine otherwise, even if/when that cupboard gets locked.
Lastly, her 14 month birthday is tomorrow! As all parents love to say, 'where does the time go!?'

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