Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This morning, we had our friends Timithie, Eva, and Eleanor over for a play-date (and mommy catch-up. and meet the new baby time). Timithie used to work at Descanso. She's the one who turned me onto the breastfeeding support group back in the day, and she's also the one that took us to a private swim club in August for Mila's first swim. 
Eva is 17 months old, and her new sis Eleanor is 2 months old. We had such a blast having them over. Eva shared her mini pb sandwich cracker sandwiches-a first for Mila! And Mila shared her avocado. They read books, pulled apart post-it stacks, and waddled about while I got to hold the little little baby, and share toddler meal ideas with Timithie. 
We look forward to seeing them again soon. I'll try harder next time to get a good photo of the three, or even two, of them. Not easy! 

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