Monday, April 15, 2013

This is about as exciting as it gets around here these days. A successful evening goes like this: 
Gas station, market, cook dinner, eat dinner, play, easy bedtime. 

We visited Greg at work tonight which usually takes at least 45 minutes due to everyone wanting to come up and say hi to Mila (which is awesome of course) and then moments of Mila wanting to get out of the cart so I hold her but then remember how hard it is to steer a shopping cart with one hand, then I'm working off my grocery list but of course am very distracted and then we see Greg a bit here and there as we turn circles around the store and then we're packing up and more goodbyes and loading up the car and unloading the car and putting away groceries and and....

So tonight I made a Weight Watchers-friendly dinner and it was so yummy that I made it unfriendly in the WW department b/c I couldn't. stop. eating. the. purple. potatoes. 

Tonight's dinner: sliced grilled chicken (precooked) sauteed with yellow squash. Steamed green beans, butter. Boiled, and then smashed, yellow purple & red potatoes. 

Tonight's indulgences: small glass of red wine, small 'mini ice cream cone.'

Many people ask me how our cats are around Mila. They do just fine, especially Auggie (pictured here). He lets Mila pat him and kiss him and pat him and pull on his ears. Cleo, well, she's just a you-know-what anyway, so she tends to just run away. 

And so sums up my typical night.  


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